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About The Author


One devoted to using metaphysical exercises and medical techniques to help sexual trauma victims heal, Donna E. King received a PhD from the University of Sedona in Philosophy, with a concentration in Holistic Life Coaching, where she related it to her MST in December 2012. She also serves her community and county as President of the Board of Commissioners and Government Liaison. Most recently, she was awarded the Humanitarian Patriot Award by the Rotary Club of North Chicago for being an "example of extraordinary commitment in the area of humanitarian support for the United States Armed Forces' veterans and returning warriors. Dr. King was also honored by Illinois Comptroller Leslie Geissler Munger as one of the 23 female veterans across Illinois for their leadership, dedication, and ongoing service to their country and their communities during the Women's History Month Celebration at the James R. Thompson Center.

In an effort to face and overcome the demons left from her own horrific experience, Dr. King released her dissertation, The Application of Holistic Life Coaching to MST (Military Sexual Trauma), as a softback book available for individual purchase in hopes of facilitating for others the mental/emotional/spiritual healing needed to fully live life again after enduring such human abuse.

Dr. King is also available to make a special appearance (virtual or social - distanced) at your event, have a private, virtual or social-distanced book signing for your group, or deliver a special message to your group during your quarterly or annual program. To discuss your event date and determine exact fees and activities, send a detailed email to or

To get your softback copy of The Application of Holistic Life Coaching to MST (Military Sexual Trauma) today, order from the author, your favorite book retailer using ISBN# 978-1484962862, or you may click here to pay online and have your copy mailed directly to you. You may order the  Kindle ebook today also.

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